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e United States on Friday imposed sanctions on Iran's central bank and its na▓tional development fund following attacks on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities a week ago.U.S. ▓imposes sanctions on Iran's central bank after Saudi▓ attacksU.S. imposes sanctions on Iran's central bank after Saudi attacks09-21-2019 09:42 BJTWASHINGTON▓, Sept. 20 -- The United States on Friday imposed▓ sanctions on Iran's central bank and it▓s national development fund following attac▓ks on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities a week ago.U.S. Presi▓dent Donald Trump announced the new move at the Wh▓ite

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House before a meeting with visiting Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, calling the new sanctions on Tehran "the highest sanctions ever imposed on a country."U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, accom

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    pan▓ying Trump in the Oval office, said the central bank was Tehran's last source of funds."We've now cut off a

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